When to book your flight


I’ve seen countless articles and blog posts about when to book your flight whether it’s international or domestic. It seems everyone believes there’s some complicated magical formula to get the cheapest flight but that’s untrue. There is no guaranteed way to get a cheap flight. I’ve seen people get cheap flights weeks before and months before. The trick is to follow a few simple rules and if you have enough time, to constantly check on a daily or weekly basis to monitor how the prices fluctuate.

1. Websites that search across several airlines are your best bet unless you’re a loyalty belongs to a certain airline flyer program. The site I have used time and time again is KAYAK. I have booked at least 50 flights through this site and even when I’ve compared it to other flight aggregates they always provide the cheapest prices. The best part about KAYAK is the feature that allows you set an email alert so when you’re flight is at your desired price they send you an instant alert straight to your email. A similar website is SKYSCANNER.

Once you figure out what website works for your flight needs utilize the following tips to determine what is most beneficial depending on your departure and destination cities (click on the photos for more information):





For some bonus information about booking airline tickets here’s an article from the Huffington Post.


Happy Travels!

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