About Me


Nicole is a lover of life, an unconventional free spirit with a hint of rebellion and suspects she was a gypsy in a past life. She is an outgoing, bubbly, intelligent, witty and positive person. Nicole is a 25-year-old aspiring writer and is also the author behind an amateur travel blog, hence the reason she is getting her degree in journalism at California State University, Dominguez Hills  She has been to 19 countries and with every trip she takes her hunger for exploring the world becomes more insatiable.  Of the 19 countries Nicole has visited, she has also lived in two of them; Spain and Australia. She lived in Spain for one month while studying Spanish and although her Spanish is good enough to get by, she learned more so how to party like the Spaniards than really learn the language like she had hoped. Two years after her time in Spain, Nicole moved to Australia for a year, working, making new friends and learning about the culture. This is Nicole’s favorite country and if it wasn’t a 13-hour plane ride she would probably move there.  There are only two real passions Nicole has in life, writing and traveling. She hopes to one day incorporate her love for travel with her career in journalism.

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